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The RoboSumo tournament takes place on a circular ring (arena) with a diameter 1220 mm and its area is black. The edge line of the arena is marked as a white circular area of a 50 mm width. On the surface of the ring, in the centre of it, there are two parallel lines (in the shape of a rectangle) of 50 mm x 300 mm dimensions. There won’t be as much visible, though they must be marked in black. The rectangles determine a starting position of the robots. The surface of the ring is about 50 mm above the floor area.

Rules of the game

At the beginning robots shall be placed 30 cm from each other, at the same distance from the centre ( about 15 centimeters from the centre). Robots are placed along the straight line and each of them must move in the opposite direction. After leaving the rectangle, the robot can attack the opponent for the first time only by its front, later it can attack by any of its part. Then, it may move towards any direction in order to find the opponent and carry out the attack.

The game consists of three rounds and each round lasts for a maximum of 1 minute. The winner of the round gets 2 points and the team which lost the round doesn’t get any point.

When the round is not won by either team within the time limit, the round shall be ended in a draw both team gets 1 point.

The game may be ended earlier (than after 3 minutes) if a robot wins three important rounds.

A robot must initiate an attack within 1 minute. Continual avoiding of the opponent is not allowed.

If the robots are entangled or orbiting with each other with no perceivable progress, the contestants may agree on carrying out the attack once more. In that case, both contestants must raise their hand. They place their robots at a starting position and restart another round, none of the teams get any points.  Robots can restart the round couple of times, although the game cannot last more than 3 minutes, so within 3 minutes there can be more rounds.  If any contestant wins 3 rounds, the game ends. After 3 minutes the game also ends. The contestant who gets more points during the game will be the winner.

At the beginning of a round, the contestants of each team place their robots at the starting position. The judge counts “three, two, one, go!”, then the contestants start the robots.

The robot has to wait for 3 seconds, then it has to start moving.  During this time, before the robot starts moving, its shape can change. (eg. it it has got an arm, it can stretch)

In order to win, a robot must either push the other robot out from the ring (the robot must be out of the ring) or  any parts of the opponent robot falls off  and leave the ring. The robots fight with each other till one of them gets unable to move or leaves the ring. It  becomes obvious, if any parts of the robot touches the floor or its owner touches it in the ring. If the body of the robot floats between the ring and the floor, but it doesn’t touch the floor, it loses the round after 10 seconds only if the opponent doesn’t leave the ring . If the opponent touches the floor during this time, then the first robot (which got stuck before) wins the round.

The robot wins if it pushes the opponent out of the ring or if it makes it unable to move. If any of the robots commits suicide, the opponent wins. In any cases questioned, the judges evaluate the situation and decide who the winner is.

Specifications of the Robot

  1. A robot may be constructed entirely of Lego- manufactured elements. It is not allowed to glue or cut the pieces of Lego.
  2. Its length and width must not exceed 300 x 300
  3. The basis for the construction of a robot shall be Lego Mindstorms NXT, RIS or EV3.
  4. The weight of the robot must not exceed 900 grams.
  5. The tournament starts with measuring the robots (their lenght, weight and width).After measuring, the robots have to be placed on a given place and you are not allowed to touch them until when they start competing and you carry them to the ring to start the first round. After finishing competition, you have to put the robot back to this place and wait for your game.Until the final, you are not allowed to change batteries or the construction of the robot. A robot shall be able to compete for about 36 minutes without changing batteries. The robot can be operated with more programs and you can alter them between the rounds, but no new programs can be uploaded on them. Before the final you can change anything, you can do some program modification as before it the robot is measured again and then it has to be put back to the given place where you have to wait for the final.
  1. The construction of a robot mustn’t contain elements that may damage the route of the race or the surface of the robosumo mat.
  2. Teams can consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 students.